A downloadable game for Windows and Android


This is just a reupload like the title says!

I neither own FNIA: Expanded, nor I'm gonna continue working on this!

All credit goes to Jester, who saddly isnt part of FNIA anymore...at least as of right now...

If Jester comes back by some mirracle and wants me to take this down, I will be forced to do so of course!

Eventhough Jester asked me not to credit him, I can't help but share his legacy:

FNIA: Expanded exsists, because Jester was inspired by me when only Fnia The Golden Age V4.1 was the most updated one. We became friends and when I wanted to update my game, he reccommended me Ren'py, the engine that I used for the newest update, and showed me how to code. Just enough so that I could manage to do what you now have as The Golden Age in reimagined! It's a whole new game! :D

So thank you jester for everything! And out of respect, I want to keep this game available for the fnia community since Gamejolt is now "Family-Friendly", so that your work won't get lost and forgotten! :)

PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
AuthorYuuto Katsuki
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFive Nights at Freddy's, fnia, reupload


FNIA_Expanded-V1.1-pc.rar 349 MB
FNIA_Expanded-V1.1-android.apk 361 MB

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does this game have any more update?

 trust asking

Not expanded, no


So there's no NSFW content, correct? Sad if true ;-;

Nope. I don't work on expanded, since it's not my game

I am having problem downloading the game on android it keeps pausing the download or delets the download on android

Must be something on your end. Like an anti virus or you have no space anymore?

i have plenty of space left and no its nor an anti virus it just pauses and deletes itsself without any thing popping up from the download section

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Then I really don't know. Maybe the guy YTF can help. I know I cant, since this doesnt make any sence...

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Yo i tried downloading it aging and it doesnt delete or pause now? Strange edit:nope it still does it

(1 edit)

That is indeed really strange...

it is about itch.io host download I think I sometimes get a forbidden file

Deleted 15 days ago

Do you have apk installer?

No but what does that have to do with it pausing itself and deleting itself every time?

(1 edit) (+1)

how many times do I have to say it I'M. NOT. A. FURRY. very good booba tho

Lmao, many don't get it XD. And yes, loving boobas a lot X)

Eyy is there any way to contact you? (IDK discord or etc). I wanna talk about dis and  FNIA TGA

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I'm using discord, but I dont wanna tell it here because I would get flooded with friend requests then...

Maybe you wanna tell?

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I wanna try turn dis or TGA into RPG maker game aand I wanna know if its legal, Will it count as fanmade aand etc ( Anime Chicken#4436 )

How do I get extras or more content for The Golden Age? I just finished the game and I don't know if I download updates or  they just automatically go to the file I downloaded. Pls help

They aren't there yet

oh okay

hello? hello? uh i have a message for you, you are yuuto katsuki right? um i want to say that i played the golden age and i liked this game! I'll say even more I check this site every day to see if a sequel is out. and if it's not difficult for you, then tell me if the sequel is being developed and APPROXIMATELY when it will be released. that's all. let's write again

You gave me a big laugh with the phone guy thing XDD

But basically the sequel is not yet in development but reather a big update to golden age, which I would love to finish before even thinking of making the sequel. And no, I don't have the slightest idea of when it will be finished ^^'

hello? hello? I hope this thing works. uh i wanted to say thanks for the reply. it means a lot to me. and last я русский 

Oh nice! :D

I cannot write in russia though, because my keyboard russian lmao

hey hello again (I hope I didn't bore you). I wanted to ask about FNiA explanted, I know it's not your game. And I know that it was created by Jester07 and this is a re-upload. But where did Jester go? did he leave the fandom or what? (thanks for answering my comments)

You don't bother ^^

But honestly, I don't know. All I know, at least from what I've heared from one of the members of the deleted discord server, he got tired of fnia and wanted to move on...

And it really hurts...


Five Nights in Hell


how development going overall?

Pretty meh, my artists have some problems reguarding the time and one has private problems.

I finished golden age what is the difference with this one

Well this novel is not mine, and I'd say its a little comparable with old golden age, but with many many girls XD

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Oh ok then thanks by the way I ask when the next part for the golden age series is coming maybe

I never know. I dont even know when the update of golden age is going to be.

Please tell me this is still getting worked on pleas

Golden Age is getting worked on, not this game, since it isn't mine

hey i have a question what does it mean when SDL2.dll and python27.dll was not found? also if you know how to fix this please fix it

I really dont know myself, you might need to ask giggibrudda. I really don't know

sorry i got anouther question is this game a secuale from golden age


i played the golden age and that was amazing is one going to be a secual (sorry for the bad spellin

It's ok. Glad you liked it ^^

Who made the original FNIA and were can I find it?

The one who made the original FNIA is Mairusu. Sadly because of FNF or some other reason he quited FNIA and gamejolt, where you could find it. But no worries. One of my friends reuploaded all 3 games here https://securitydoll.itch.io/fnia-1-reupload

But another guy did the same, but with the art pack on top of that! https://seasharkdev.itch.io/five-nights-in-animeclassic-collection

Means, if you want to make your own visual novel of fnia, you at least have the images ^^

Couldnt be me using those and such

Whenever I click the download link it goes to ibis paint any idea why?

Must be something on your end. I've never heared of that problem before. 

thanks for this i have already played this and its a wondefull novel i have talked with jester one time whenthis game was on gamejolt to thank and now i wanna than you for upload this game here


And it was my pleasure in doing so :)

The game closes every time I open it

It must be something on your end because it works for everyone else. I'm unfortunetly no expert so that's all I know...


Making my own fan game using a different engine also learning the art style.

Awesome! 😃

currently using some of the art from fnia golden age till I learn the art style it's just a placeholder for now if that's ok if u want me to take it down I will

Nah it's alright. Go ahead and use them if you want. Perhaps I'll need your help with art if you get really good XD


Hair is still bad but I have the important features down

We will watch your carrer with great interest

Awesome! ^^

guess who learned renpy to be cool like that?

Me I did I've used python for making website password  bruteforcers and stuff so it wasn't hard to learn it beta only 400 lines of code using many of the assets from FNIA The Golden Age and yes dev of FNIA The Golden Age I mentioned you quite abit in my visual novel so if you wanted credit you have it.

Credit wasnt all nessesary, but thanks a lot! Really much appreciated. I'll check it out when I have time ^^

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do you know the specific date that will realease the new update of golden age??? 


Currently not.

But... Is it still possible that fnia ex.. Having a hentai... Scene.?? 


I'm not the creator of expanded, I just reuploaded it. And I asked my friend to do the android port but that's as far as I go with it. But golden age will have hentai scenes hopefully ^^

Maybe someday I will think about actually working on expanded but it's very unlikeley...

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Hehe..hope they Put some sound in golden age😎🤏


No garantee, but it would be nice XD


Is the golden age doesn't still have the extras???

Not yet

Omg the word "YET" give me hope😌

Taking a break currently but when I'm ready again, I'll continue working on it 😉

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What's  the surprise in night 7.... I don't get it...

Cuz my mind thinking that wtf just happened in night 7.... If I'm thinking the right thing.... I'm really horny😑😑


Use your imagination XD

Tip: Horny stuff

Is this the second part to the golden age. If not will there be a second part

This isnt the second part, but there will be. But not in the near future though 😅

so do u have a date of when it might come out

Nope. I never do

ok also who is your favorite character in golden age

Hard because I love all of them dearly. But If I had to choose, I think it would be Springy

(1 edit)

There's kinda confusing in golden age.... Which is.. name my character "Roger" and the manager name was "roger" too..... So when where we talking.. It's confusing because.... I don't know who is talking... Like... "hey roger"   "hi too roger".... XD

That would be your fault XD

Hope that this game was not more embarrassing than the fnia golden age XD

Like bruh... When me taking the book that mangle wants to read... And we fall down... And she accidentally sit on my face and my character said"PANTSU PANTSU".... LIKE WTF... i want to throw my phone.. Because of embarrassment XD

Embarrassment 📈up

lmao XDDD

(1 edit)

I'm not sure if this the plot twist... But when the girl who give me and puppet a second chance... She said "see you soon" or more likely... And at the last of fnia golden age reimagined.... My character dreamed circus baby....and i think she's the one talking in my dream in night one at fnia ex.... I don't know if it's true...but it might be.. Hhmmm...I'm still playing... Gotta find out soon

Hope more plot twist in this game


You'll find out sooner or later ;)

Ohh i was wrong.... I thought golden age was connect with fnia ex..... Kinda sad cuz golden girls are gone:(


Goldy and Springy are in Golden Age XD

Or do you mean Fredbear and Spring Bonnie?

Pffff... I thought this is the part 2 XD


I played golden age reimagined...and i start to play fnia ex...when I'm talking to the manager... I feel like I'm talking to my old self


Lmao wow XD

Thanks for getting these on here, hopefully, we can get all the fnia games since I can't seem to find the original fnia game. I love how wholesome too this game is, and hopefully, we can get more on this, like nsfw version and whatnot, all I can do is hope. <3


There will be nsfw with fnia the golden age ;)


Woot woot! also I just finished the golden age, man, you really did good work on that, made me cry and actually feel for the character, keep up the amazing work, and hopefully I can try to help out any way i can. <3


Really much appreciated! In what way could you help may I ask? ^^

I'm not sure xd i just felt like i need too like the character xd but no worries if you got plenty, also please be enjoying your break! Forgot to say that eariler


Thanks man and it's alright :D

Do you have twitter of Jester ?

Yes, but no response, like he dissappeared...


kinda wish it had porn tb

I know...maybe someday...but very faint.

ill be wating when the time is right

Just don't count on it. I don't want to give false hope

I gotta be honest, this is one of the few fnia games which dosent have porn in it, its just wholesome

For now

Well, I'm not working on expanded, since it's not my game. Golden age will have adult content, but only in the hentai scenes in the extras and in the main story if you turn it on.

Just wanted to ask some question real quick, so in a very very very very far future

The sequel of fnia the golden age will be set in the old pizzeria or a new one?

Will there be an antagonist?

The game will still include the old pizzarea, but the new one will be mainly the set place for our protag. A side job ^^

Don't know if there will be an antagonist. And if so, dunno who.

(1 edit)

just a quick question, What is the name of the main menu music?

It's a speed up version of the freddy music box.

Thanks (sorry for the late reply)

Late reply?

No problem lol.

Its been a while since i checked over this game,and i really thought the project was abandoned or something like that, but it makes me happy to see it still going

keep up the good work


Unlike most fnia games (That got cancelled, abandoned or put in hietus) we are the real gigachads here! XD

Of course! Everyone here is a gigachad, you included Yuuto

Thanks man XD

When you gonna update the Fnia Expand of having nsfw content i m excited about it

Not expanded will have nsfw, but golden age

ah but its fnia Expand already on nsfw content cause i dont download the game yet but i m gonna wait you update the golden age

Expanded wont have it, since I'm not working on the game. Its not mine. But look forward to the nsfw content of golden age ^^

one more question is golden age reimagined gonna automatic

updating or need uninstall and redownload it?

I think you'll need to delete the old version and install the new version. Not really familiar with it yet.

Is there gonna be Nudity in the Game eventually? Like I really wanna see how all the characters are bonding. This implied stuff is good, but it kills the imursion of the game. really hoping to see a full blown NSFW Golden Age!

(1 edit)

There will be ;)

Although they will have no pussy and I could find some way for them to get nipples (like a prank of a possible temorary replacement guard or some shit XD) (And I wanna try something different than the typical pussy action)

And there will be boob-actions only since it's my all time favourite fetish and fnia is best known for the boobs XD

So yeah, prepare for nudity in the upcoming update I'm working on, which would take a long time to make them look satisfying, but it will be SO worth it, because fnia also lacks adult content for some reason.

I'll be truthful. I was hoping for the full anatomy for them. (Kinda like a sex robot or something) but im excited to see what the future holds. I love big tits too so some titty fucking will be awesome. (Tho still hoping the pussy topic changes) lmao. Thank you!

Pussy topic wont change. But yeah I'll try to make the titty fucking and boobkissing satisfying ;)

Can't wait to see what gets added! Thanks for making it clear on the pussy content. Tho I'm sad, it's still a good game and touching with the emotions that are brought out!

Thank you for the feedback and stay tuned ^^

I'm waiting for the golden age to continue. And then there's another question. Do I need to pass the golden age in some order or not? And also I do not vouch for the correctness of the comment, I write through a translator I'm waiting for the golden age to continue. And then there's another question. Do I need to pass the golden age in some order or not? And also I do not vouch for the correctness of the comment, I write through a translator (I don't know English so well to write full-fledged comediansI don't know English so well to write full comments)

(1 edit)

Don't know why your comment is displayed twize, but I even if your saves wouldnt follow the update, which shouldnt be the case, the menu would still have a secret button to unlock the extras.

And there is no current order XD

As far as I understand, to open this button you need to pass the game? (I just went through and deleted this save, there is only a save at the end of 3 nights)

Approximately how long to wait for the sequel? I could just help with the translation if you don't mind. (again I apologize for the state of the text, I am Russian and it is difficult to work with a translatorApproximately how long to wait for the sequel? I could just help with the translation if you don't mind. (again I apologize for the condition of the text, I am Russian and it is difficult to work with a translator)

(1 edit)

Yeah translators suck, but right now I wont do dranslations anytime soon, possibly never. And I cannot tell when the sequel is gonna come out. Since I first need to do the extras for golden age. And making the game itself took me about 2 years...

My moto is "It's done when it's done."

As for the button, it will always be there. And if you know the drill of the FNAF franchise, you could come up with it on your own ;)

I didn't find that button. Well, I don't really need it, so I won't look any further. If it took 2 years to create this part, then how much years can it take to create the next one? If you add more content in subsequent parts, it will take a very long time to create. Just reminded me of this, I once already created small projects. It was hard 

(1 edit)

Of course the button is not there, the update and the extras are not ready yet. XD

Also yeah, I will try to add more content, since I'm also evolving over time. But yeah, for now we should focus on golden age.

If anyone is wondering what music is playing when the player is having  a dream. Its from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky "Timegear"

Even I didnt know lmao XD

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